Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's In My Bag?

Inspired by Just Sweet Love

-phone & iPod (always)
-wallet, keys
-lotion, eyedrops, lipgloss and hand sanitizer
-notebook and pens
-magazine or novel
-Coach bag a Christmas gift 2008

What's in yours?

Family Weekend

Last night I went with the family to see How To Train Your Dragon.

It. Was. Awesome.

I've been working on a new art journal. Quiet Nights was so much fun, I've decided to do another class: Tell Your Story.

My mom and stepdad got wireless internet last week, so Sam brought their laptop upstairs and I brought mine from home and we set up shop in the kitchen.

And tomorrow is...


Friday, April 2, 2010

I am Inimitable!

A few weeks ago I e-mailed my picture to Vivianna for the I Am photo project.

Click to see all of them & participate yourself :]

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Complainy Pants

It's hot out. HOT. In Wisconsin. Also, my idiotic landlord painted the windows shut, so it's stuffy and the air is stagnant. After years of a more heightened self-awareness, I've realized that any semblance of a seasonal affective syndrome I exhibit leans toward a spring depression, overall (if we're even going to stretch so far as to call it that). A lot of the poetry in my senior thesis (written over the last four years) paints a really bleak picture of springtime, which I really never noticed until recent. What can I say - I was born upside-down. I'm so not even joking about that (but kind of).

All the joking that I am a 25-year-old in an 80-year-old's body came to a head today when I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some sole inserts that came highly recommended and a velcro ice pack for my ankle (walking to work this morning was terrible today). The automatically generated coupon that printed with my receipt was for an AARP discount. I like it better when I buy feminine hygiene products and get chocolate coupons. Bitch.

URGH not only am I hot sweaty and sore, but the pizza I had for lunch is really not agreeing with me, and for all the hassle it was - they delivered it a half hour late (which happened to be one minute after I punched back in for work) and the girl was all, "in the future, we're not going to deliver here anymore. it's too far" so I said, "oh, don't worry. in the future we won't order." It's actually not that far, but she got lost. I wanted to pull my portion of the tip out of the group total, but didn't want certain people to think I was that much of a jerk. But it was that kind of day. Dammit.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Take that, Tuesday!

Okay, so this particular day has been truly fantastic. Let me count the ways:

  • A patient brought me a sweet card and a box of candy for all I do
  • I left work in a really good mood - and not just an I'm so glad work is over thing, but totally sincere
  • Walgreen's had birthday cake scented candles on CLEARANCE and then the grocery store had my favorite kind of birthday cake ice cream. It's not even my birthday!
  • I needed to get an anniversary card for my mom and step-dad (even though I am two days late today), but at Walgreen's, the only anniversary cards they had were SO dumb. I tried to find a blank card that was interesting enough to turn into happy anniversary, and settled on one featuring two pears on the front of it. Because what says you belong together better than a pear pair?
  • While I was walking up to the post office, I realized that the soonest the card will make it to their house will be Thursday, but I looked up to see a big mail truck, a cart of mail, and a postman waving - he took my mail right then and there!
  • My CCS package showed up with not only a free Vans makeup bag, but also a free beef stick. For real.
  • Netflix. Discovery Classics: Essential Dinosaur Pack: Disc 1 (need we say more?)