Thursday, April 1, 2010

Complainy Pants

It's hot out. HOT. In Wisconsin. Also, my idiotic landlord painted the windows shut, so it's stuffy and the air is stagnant. After years of a more heightened self-awareness, I've realized that any semblance of a seasonal affective syndrome I exhibit leans toward a spring depression, overall (if we're even going to stretch so far as to call it that). A lot of the poetry in my senior thesis (written over the last four years) paints a really bleak picture of springtime, which I really never noticed until recent. What can I say - I was born upside-down. I'm so not even joking about that (but kind of).

All the joking that I am a 25-year-old in an 80-year-old's body came to a head today when I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some sole inserts that came highly recommended and a velcro ice pack for my ankle (walking to work this morning was terrible today). The automatically generated coupon that printed with my receipt was for an AARP discount. I like it better when I buy feminine hygiene products and get chocolate coupons. Bitch.

URGH not only am I hot sweaty and sore, but the pizza I had for lunch is really not agreeing with me, and for all the hassle it was - they delivered it a half hour late (which happened to be one minute after I punched back in for work) and the girl was all, "in the future, we're not going to deliver here anymore. it's too far" so I said, "oh, don't worry. in the future we won't order." It's actually not that far, but she got lost. I wanted to pull my portion of the tip out of the group total, but didn't want certain people to think I was that much of a jerk. But it was that kind of day. Dammit.

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