Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm a Math Genius

This morning, my mom gave me a ride to work (yes, the stupid foot is still bothering me). We talked about all sorts of things. When he's doing well, (like all the time) she likes to tell me how Sam is doing in school.

She told me about his spelling pre-test, and how he hardly had any words to learn for the week, and so we got onto the topic of pre-tests and "acing" pre-tests (so that you don't have to take the actual test).

Because she's my mom and likes to hear this kind of stuff, I told her all about first year music theory and how we had to take a "rudiments exam" a few weeks into the semester. I was the only one who "aced" the pre-test, so when it came time to take the actual test, my teacher handed me one, too. So I just did it. I didn't try that hard, I doodled a lot, but I did it.

Then she told me I am the silliest person she knows, just like the time when I was five and I won at girl scouts bingo (twice!) but was too shy to yell it out, and just like the time last month when we toured ICO and I was too shy to tell the admissions guy how completely and utterly inside-outedly I had researched optometry school and how very nearly completely prepared I am. Thank goodness for moms who like to blurt, "she's a math genius" to any and everyone within earshot.

So this is for you, mom: bingo; I only need bio, micro-bio, and o-chem; excuse me, Diego, but I do not need to take this test. I'm a math genius.

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