Saturday, February 20, 2010

Short Term Goals

1. Write!

Laziness and apathy are allowing good ideas to go to waste... not okay.

2. Journal! I'm taking the Polka Dot Robot Art Journal Class. It is going to be a significant challenge, but I am already finding inspiration and/or supplies all over my apartment...

I'm hoping that I can complete the course in a timely matter with absolute artistic integrity. I've BS'ed my way through a lot of opportunities, and this will not be one of them.

3. Study! Because I have to...

4. More goofy pictures! Like these...

Then I'll have more stuff to journal with, because I just ordered an HP photo printer :D

4. Read! I will soon catch my reading up to my book-buying... it's currently a little unbalanced.

6. Flute! My first lesson is March 3rd. I hope to apply the same principle of artistic integrity (see #2) here, as well. I can't say I have always brought that attitude to my music studies...

7. Oboe? Now, I am not a vengeful person by any means, but I have the kind of noisy neighbors that make finally learning Oboe, which I have wanted to for years, a rather appealing new hobby. This probably won't happen.

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