Friday, January 1, 2010

Creativity Project 2010

I have been muddled and lacking focus; I've come to realize that times I feel I am at my best happen to be times I have a solid, satisfying creative outlet.

SO, call it a New Years resolution, a relevation, or ridiculous; starting now I am making a conscious effort to push myself toward creative pursuits. For example, I am currently writing. I can play my flute. I could learn how to [something cool]. Whatever. I didn't write a novel in November, and I may never write fiction or poetry again but that's okay I guess.

The entire point of sharing all this is in doing so, maybe I'll actually follow through. Here, I have two goals: 1. blog more. 2. get into a good ensemble this fall(?) when I go to Whitewater.

#1 sets the bar pretty low, but #2 is a legitimate, attainable challenge. I did earn a creative writing/english degree on a music scholarship. The least I could do is try to prove it wasn't completely pointless. That would suck.

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