Monday, September 14, 2009

Infamous Introductions

Today marks a noteworthy day in the life of Megan: after something like a one-year hiatus, I have once again opted to have an internet signal cast into my apartment!

Some of you must be thinking, "Internet? BFD!" Those of you who have tried to sustain any large amount of time with limited to zero access get it.

Why now? Why not now!? A few things -

  • I just moved into a new apartment
  • I'm single (at least I'm pretty sure I am)
  • I graduated from college - still can't find a relevant job
  • If I quit writing on a regular basis, I will get rusty
  • I just turned 25... TWENTY-FIVE WTF
  • I have a brand new computer

I still haven't decided what on earth I must need to have a blog for, but I had this blogger account I signed up for AGES ago and now I have a little blogger desktop gadget RIGHT THERE on my new computer and MAYBE JUST MAYBE I am still holding onto that flicker of that internet stardom dream I once had. Stop laughing, we all had stupid dreams. At least I never wanted a job with the circus or, heaven forbid, the carnival.

So there you go. Add me to your RSS feeds now and let's get this show on the road...

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