Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If Only Over-Complicating Simple Solutions Were a Marketable Skill

So much for my awesome blog! I still don't have the internet at my apartment. This is mostly my own stupid fault. While home sick from work, my building maintenance knocked on my door to check my phone line. It was something like day three for my ratty pajamas and day two on my shower strike. The living room looked ransacked and the crumbs were slightly embarassing. I turned them away. I turned away building maintenance that, until that moment, I had been skeptical even existed.

It was a monumentally stupid move on my part, considering it would probably be another couple of weeks before my awful landlord would get someone up there to look at it again, but what was I to do? Plus, I had an appointment with AT&T Sunday. ALLLLLLLL day Sunday.

So. Sunday. Convinced AT&T was going to no-show (it was 5:30 at night), I gave up. I reclaimed my time, my space, and resigned to the fact I would not see AT&T. Yeah, they showed. After I reclaimed my time and space and DID NOT WANT to be bothered(!!!)

So that makes two, two monumentally stupid moves, ah ha ha! And still no internet. In a perfect world, building maintenance will ALWAYS show up when I am nowhere near my apartment (if I don't see strangers in my apartment, then it never happened, and it's not creepy) and AT&T tech support will give you an appointment time a little more specific than "Sunday."

So now I have to contact both building maintenance and AT&T and sheepishly explain whatever excuse seems most appropriate (because "getting sketched out" by maintenance workers alone with me in my apt. is going to sound hella stupid). I mean, most women get "sketched out" when strange men enter their apartments... that's reality. But at this point I can't think of a sketchier dude than the one who lived in my apartment for like six months, so there's that.

For the sake of humanity, let's hope I can figure out this mess before my first month's bill arrives. Tonight, I'm going to go down to the creepy basement and see if there are phone jacks hidden in the old laundry room. Or maybe I can convince a neighbor to plug my router into their phone jack, but then I guess that means I'll have to share my bandwith... UGH

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