Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tell Your Story

I know a couple of these are incomplete, I've done this on purpose - I want to be able to share all of my pages from the art journal class I am taking, but I also don't want to lose the "journal" aspect of the project, and this is the only way I can journal freely and honestly (because otherwise what is the point?)


  1. Hi Megan! Looks like you're doing good on your pages. I have yet to start mine. :(

    By the way, I officially accepted my Beautiful Blogger award! Thanks again. It was such a delight.

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Hi!! Stopping by as a classmate from the Tell Your Story class.
    I saw your pages on the class Flickr and LOVE them!! Your doing a great job! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!
    Very cute blog btw :D

  3. you have an interesting style in your pages (:
    I like it ! ^^ looking forward to more~

  4. Megan! where are you we miss your posts!
    I'd love it if you'd vote for me in a photo challenge in in. My picture is number 4! I;d REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

    here is the link


  5. aw, thanks for this comment - i don't know why i lost interest in writing here for a while, but I guess i just did :/ i wish i'd have seen this in time to vote for you!!!

    i'm sure i'll be on here a lot more now, since there are so many things i want to get off my chest more publicly than my private notebooks but more privately than facebook. that, and i'm going to be super busy over the next few months, and the less free time i have, the better the chances are that i'll keep up with things i like to do (like write, journal, etc.) no idea why that is... :P