Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Surprise

Hm. Nothing like going to get the mail only to discover a new neighbor moving in... with the back door propped open while smoking cigarettes. Suddenly I no longer wonder why it is so cold in here or why it smells like someone is smoking... in here. I never thought I'd be disappointed to find out the percussionist moved out.

I'm also bummed about having nothing to do, but in reality there's plenty to do and just nothing I feel like doing at the moment. My whole body is sore from CPR certification yesterday, I have a headache (and a toothache), I haven't been sleeping well, and my dreams have been absolutely disturbing when I do.

I'd better find something creative, productive or entertaining to do because sitting at the computer freezing my ass off and hating life is just not doing it for me. The next time I write will be better, I promise!

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