Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Think I'm Bored

I'm so proud of myself for getting so much done this weekend. I went to the parents' house and did three loads of laundry, got groceries and spent lots of quality time with the little bro. My mom asked me to make it a point to hang out with Sam, but little did she know I was bringing my Planet Earth DVDs precisely so I could hang out with him. There is nothing in the world quite like having a kid who looks up to you.

Tuesday night I'm going back to E-Ville because I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday, and then I come back up Thursday morning (and have the day off Thursday... yaaay!) If only all weeks could be like that - 2.5 days off, work two days, off two more days, work one day, and then another weekend.

So... I'm writing right now to kill time because I think I'm bored... even though I need to put away my clean clothes, pick up my apartment, dust and some other stuff... so much to do!


  1. there always seems to be a period of time for me where everything is done and i'm at peace and then the next day a giant pile falls from the sky and the chaos begins. =) i like your blog.


  2. that is how it goes, isn't it!

    Thank you :)